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Bar-Be-Quick Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven

This clever BBQ is a must for the summer season, and allows you to grill on three different heights, while baking in the oven below. Comes with full assembly instructions for building the brick surround. Note that bricks are not included.
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4.75 out of 5
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Customer Reviews for Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven
Review 1 for Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven
Customer rating: 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Written by darqcook
Don't leave it out in the rain for 8 years...
Date:25 July 2011
...really, Don't.
A brick-built surround was pre-existing when we bought the house, albeit minus the necessary iron-work to make it a usable barbecue. This was easily remedied by purchasing a Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven, which inevitably didn't fit the old brick surround. Careful reworking of the bricks with angle-grinder and a little light application of cold-chisel and lump-hammer, (coupled with judicious use of Anglo-Saxon oaths when lump-hammer fails to connect with chisel and clouts knuckle instead), ensured that the Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven finally fitted. And for many years it did serve us well, grilling all manner of foods to culinary perfection (even though I say so myself). If I had a gripe it would be that it wasn't the easiest of barbecues to clean-out once ash had cooled, but use of child's seaside spade and a small brush was sufficient to remove the last ashes from the tray. The oven is okay - I never risked baking anything in it and quite why it had a small glass window in the door is anyone's guess, but for keeping food hot it worked a treat.
Removing it from the surround and storing it in the shed to protect it from the standard English weather (wet with a chance of precipitation later) is a must, though bone-idle laziness prevailed in our case and after eight years loyal service the poor thing was a encrusted lump of flaking rust.
So a replacement was sought, ideally of identical design that would slot into the reworked surround with little fuss and no bother. Then imagine the joy of discovering Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven for sale at this very emporium of groceries, domestic goods and chattels, so verily an order was placed, monies were exchanged and the delivery eagerly anticipated. Then imagine too, the reaction on discovering that Mr Bar-Be-Quick had altered the design ever so slightly so that the oven was no longer fitted to the fire-tray, rendering my means of support in the built-in surround ineffective. Time once again for angle-grinder, cold-chisel, lump-hammer and book of Anglo-Saxon oaths (plasters at the ready).
I'll give Mr Bar-Be-Quick his due, separating the fire-tray from the oven has made it easier to clean, and it would seem that he also could not guess the reason for the glass window in the oven for that has now gone, and for the changes and improvements it still grills in a manner befitting its name. Hopefully the next improvements he should make would be to produce the rack supports of sterner stuff, but I shall wait another eight years to see if that comes to pass.
For once again, even though with the best intentions of protecting it from the elements, I know my laziness will win out and at sometime in the future I will be seeking out another replacement, hopefully of the same manufacture, but for the money, that is a small price to pay. And that is a worthy compliment, to have had two and to happily consider a third if this one should suffer the fate of the first.
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Review 2 for Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven
Customer rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Written by TopChef
Great Product Bar Be Quick
Date:20 July 2011
Exactly what we wanted. The oven allows you to keep the chicken hot for some time and ensure it is properly cooked.
Review 3 for Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven
Customer rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Written by Sinbad
Great Value
Date:04 May 2011
Excellent product fully recomended
Review 4 for Bar-Be-Quick Build in Grill and Bake with Oven
Customer rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Written by T Bone
Great Value B B Q for the DIY enthusiast
Date:10 August 2010
Excellent product, even more so as it was in half price sale. Great Value with clear instructions.
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